Do UCook well?

The Dietitians at Nutritional Solutions recently tried out the UCook meal delivery service. We thought it was only fitting that we did a write up to share our cooking experience with you, our readers. A disclaimer: this is in no way promotion or endorsement of this product. It is merely a helpful knowledge-share of the service offering for those of you who are interested or may be keen to check it out.

UCook is a Cape Town based company that delivers meal boxes to your chosen address with all ingredients weighed and portioned out for 4 meals for the week. These meals are chosen by you according to categories i.e. vegetarian, low-carb and rustic. You also decide the number of people who you are cooking for. The box gets delivered with polystyrene insulation to ensure that all ingredients stay fresh even if your delivery address is a work address and will sit at your desk until it is home time.

Inside each box you will find 3 menus for the week clearly labelled and each food item is packaged and labelled clearly so you know which food item is required for each meal. You follow the very easy, simply laid out menu and voila the meal is ready! You will see soem fo the pics of the meals we made and as you will see – all very delicious. For those of you conscious of your waistline, the low-carb option is best option to choose for a dinner meal but go easy on oil, butter and other fats – it is important to use a maximum of 1 tsp. per person that the meal serves. Also be aware that even though it is labelled low-carb, some of the options still use sweetcorn or sweet potato which can be considered a starch just like normal potato or rice. So be aware of this and go easy on your portions.

Some of the benefit is that you don’t need to worry about what you are going to cook – the decision is made for you! One less thing to think about! It also allows you to try new options and flavour combinations and to be more adventurous with your cooking. The service also cuts out the hassle of shopping as you only need pantry staples to make the recipes.

All in all its a very easy, delicious, cost-effective option – each meal ranges from approximately R70-R100 per person depending on how many you cook for. This helps to take the load off shopping and food preparation during busy weeks. For more information visit their website