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Testimonial Series – Stop the Excuses

Our Dietitians at Nutritional Solutions find great joy in changing the lives of others, for the better. Clients have often shown a keen interest in sharing their  journey in health so as to encourage and support those who may feel alone in their personal journey. We will be publishing a series of testimonials in the hopes of inspiring our readers. Enjoy! Which of these are the reason(s) you cannot lose weight? "I'm big boned" "I can't help it - it runs in the family!" "I've got a thyroid / other health problem" "I've got a slow metabolism" Well, let me tell you...


Mediterranean to the Max!

An opinion/experience piece by one of our Dietitians This blog comes with the facts and the fiction because, for 6 months of 2014, I lived the Mediterranean lifestyle, whilst travelling and living on the French Riviera. After reminiscing over my time on the Cote d’Azur, I have come to the conclusion that it’s true that in the Med, the tomatoes are riper and the people are richer. The New England Journal of Medicine published a Spanish study which supported the benefits of the traditional Mediterranean Diet in reducing heart disease in a high risk population.  As in previous research into this diet, this study showed that eating fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and fish, as well as liberal amounts of fat from olive oil and nuts, is...


Be Water Wise!

Water is the largest single component of the body. The muscle tissues have the highest concentrations and bone the lowest. As a percentage of body weight, water varies amongst individuals depending on the proportion of muscle to fat tissue. Interestingly, water comprises of 60 - 70% of total body weight in lean people, and 45 - 45% in the obese adult. We lose litres of water daily - approximately 1.5 liters of water is lost on a daily basis through the skin, lungs, and gut and via the kidneys as urine. This mechanism is important in order to ensure that toxic substances are eliminated from the body.  Water is the solvent in which many solutes available for cell function are dissolved and is the medium for...


Eggcellent Easter Tips!

A few Other Helpful Tips: Size matters The massive chocolate bunny standing in the shop window that is almost the size of your child may look fun but it is not a good idea to bring it home! This may be an extreme case but we often fall into the trap of our eyes being bigger than our bellies. Look for treats that are small in size to prevent over-eating and that can help in maintaining portion control. Be prepared Make sure you stock your fridge and cupboards with healthy food and snacks like fresh fruit, veggie sticks with dip, chicken strips, wholewheat crackers and low fat cottage cheese etc. If you have eaten a decent balanced, fresh and healthy meal first then you will less likely to over...


The Dish on Detoxing

There are a number of “detox” diets available on the market at the moment - it seems to be the next "big thing" in the nutrition space. These juice cleanses mostly entail drinking water, fruit and vegetable juices and sometimes herbal teas. Although the first few days may be difficult, the lightness & improved energy levels that follow give us an encouraging feeling. The problem arises in the aftermath, once the cleanse is over and the old habits creep back in . Very often, the rebound effects are even worse and we ultimately feel more sluggish, tired and lethargic than before.  How does detoxification it work? Detoxification is a continuous process that the body performs naturally. Seventy five percent of the deactivation of toxins take place in the liver...


Thirst Quenchers

We are experiencing an exceptionally hot summer. Although we know water is the best drink to quench the thirst, we are always looking for something different and exciting as a substitute for water, to spice things up. We often associate the words "Organic, Aloe, Coconut, and Slimmer's Choice" with health. We assume that these drinks should be healthier compared to the average soft drink on the market that contain sugar. Although a variety of foods contribute to the development of obesity, the contribution of soft drinks has proved to be significant. A closer look at these apparently "healthy" drinks can assist us in deciding whether they are beneficial or not. Iced Teas BOS Organic Rooibos Lime and Ginger Ice Tea Slimmer's Choice Berry Ceylon Ice tea   275 ml serving   350 ml serving This drink...


Testimonial Series: Progress not Perfection

Our Dietitians at Nutritional Solutions find great joy in changing the lives of others, for the better. Clients have often shown a keen interest in sharing their  journey in health so as to encourage and support those who may feel alone in their personal journey. We will be publishing a series of testimonials in the hopes of inspiring our readers. Enjoy! My weight has been a constant issue for as long as I can remember. I was a large, chubby child with nicknames like Chubby chunks. I was slim for a while in high school. Then I started with the diets. You name a diet and I have tried it. I have restricted entire food groups, starved myself and taken appetite suppressants. All of these diets failed and I would gain back the...


5 Solutions to the sins of the silly season!

And just like that, it's 2016! We hope you have had a wonderful holiday and are feeling well rested and ready to tackle the New Year.Below are 5 pointers to help you to get back on track and into a healthy routine. Stock the cupboards with guilt-free goods to ensure no tempting as you turn over your new leaf! Ensure you have go-to staples such as canned tuna and legumes, a full fruit bowl and salad ingredients in the fridge. Store left-over Christmas treats in opaque containers on the top shelf – out of sight, out of mind we say! Rally for routine – one of the easiest ways to get back into healthy habits is through organisation and planning ahead. Take packed lunches to work and make shopping...


The best of the Breads

Which bread should I eat? A question we, as Dietitians, get asked often. Bread is classified as a Starch, under the Carbohydrate macronutrient group. Some breads can be considered wholegrain starches due to their high fibre content. When analysing breads the key areas to look at is the overall kilojoule content, the carbohydrate content and the fibre content per slice. With higher fibre content, the glycaemic response from carbohydrates will be more sustained which does not cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels and minimises the amount of insulin released. Better control of insulin levels will optimise appetite and reduce fat storage. According to the AOAC method of fibre analysis, for a food to be considered high in fibre, it must contain 6g of fibre per 100g. The...


“Dietitian-Approved” Christmas Gift Ideas

The most wonderful time of the year! Lots of good will, good cheer and gatherings of friends, family and loved ones. This time of year, is also a time of giving and receiving. Best we make sure the gifts given don't throw health goals and aspirations out of the window! Use the following "Dietitian-Approved" gift ideas for stocking fillers or Secret Santa presents. Aroma Candle or Essential Oils: perfect gift to improve one's sleep routine! The essential oils can be added to bath water or dropped onto the pillow to ensure a sound night tucked under the covers. Pilates Ball, Ring & Mat set: a wonderful, complete set for anyone interested in getting stuck into the world of Pilates. A great after work or early morning exercise option that...