We are a practice of clinical dietitians who are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa as well as the Association for Dietetics in South Africa. We are extremely passionate about what we do and we will make every effort to ensure that your experience with us is a successful and enjoyable journey. We have outlined our practice policy and consultation structures below. Please note, is important to schedule all appointments with our practice managers who are available from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm Monday to Friday.

Individual consultations at Nutritional Solutions consist of the following three components below:

Initial consultation: This is a 1 hour and 20 minute consultation. It includes a nutritional assessment with a detailed examination of the individual’s lifestyle and eating habits, measurement of weight, height, body mass index and waist circumference, medical history and family medical history. This will be followed by an individualised nutrition education that assists individuals to understand the following key concepts; the physiology of their condition and how it impacts their health, food classification, metabolic functions of food and the nutrition principles to treat and manage underlying disease conditions.

Second consultation: This consultation is 20 minutes long and will be scheduled 2 – 3 days after the initial consultation. The dietitian will develop an individualised eating plan, 7 day cycle menu, dietary guidelines, appropriate recipes and shopping lists that will be presented to the individual at this consultation. The meal plans are specially designed to take into account individual lifestyle and dietary requirements so that the plan is both manageable and sustainable.

Follow-up / monitoring consultations: These consultations are recommended to help improve the implementation of the lifestyle and dietary changes recommended by the dietitian. During these consultations, individuals will be weighed and food records will be evaluated and discussed, and new goals will be set. Research has found that follow-up appointments are essential to keep individuals motivated. Furthermore, follow-up monitoring and support assists individuals in finding solutions to barriers of compliance that ultimately contributes to greater success. The frequency of follow-up appointments is scheduled to suit the client’s preference. The duration of all follow-up appointments is 20 minutes.

This is a screening tool that will award you 10,000 Discovery Vitality points. The initial 30-minute consultation can earn you 5000 points and the second and third follow-up appointments 2500 points each. These sessions are charged at standard Discovery Medical Aid Rates and can be claimed back through Medical Aid Savings. These sessions can be undertaken as a stand-alone intervention or can be worked seamlessly into your follow-up visits.

Nutritional Solutions is a strictly cash practice. On payment you will receive a statement which may be submitted to your medical aid, where they may reimburse you according to your Medical Aid plan. Please note that partner consultations are welcomed at Nutritional Solutions and will consist of slightly longer consults; please contact our practice manager to discuss further. Individual costs will still apply to these sessions. Due to the busy appointment books, please note all appointments that have not been cancelled within 24hours of appointment time will be billed on your account. Please reschedule all appointments through the practice managers by telephone and not by email.