Corporate Offerings

Corporate Offerings

Wellness can be defined as the condition of optimal physical and mental health, when maintained by a balanced nutritious diet, exercise and smoke-free living. The objective of wellness interventions within the corporate sector is to provide nutritional knowledge to employees in order to empower them to improve nutrition and lifestyle habits. Chronic diseases impact people in their “working” years, reducing productivity and increasing costs. More companies are investing in employee health today to promote long-term behavioural changes that will benefit employers, employees and communities. For successful wellness programs in workplace settings, a strong focus must be placed on integrating healthy environments through health promotion and screening. Such interventions have been shown to; improve employee health, decision making ability, loyalty and employee morale, while reducing the effects of absenteeism, employee stress, workforce turn over and organizational conflict.

Sustainable employee wellness programs create a healthier organizational culture and have a significant impact on employee health. This makes wellness interventions a “win-win” solution for all stakeholders. Nutritional Solutions dietitians are able to provide companies with a tailor made wellness solution that will improve the dietary and lifestyle behaviours of employees and ultimately improve their health, wellbeing and quality of life in the future. For more information on the corporate offerings provided by Nutritional Solutions or to structure a wellness solution suited to your company’s requirements please contact the practice manager on or

Wellness Day Nutrition Stand

Nutrition stands offer employees the opportunity to engage with a Registered Dietitian and receive valuable nutritional information to improve current dietary behaviours.

Vitality Nutrition Consultations

The dietitians at Nutritional Solutions can form part of an Discovery Wellness Day. By offering Vitality Nutrition Consultations on-site, employees can earn 5000 points for a 30-minute consultation.

Health Risk Assessments

Measurements of weight, height, body mass index, waist circumferences, cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure can be done to establish employees risk for chronic disease. Risk profile feedback can be provided as well as recommendations on areas to improve on.

“Nutrition Notes” – Nutrition Information Articles

Nutritional Solutions understands the importance of reinforcing healthy practices and can provide your company with nutrition information on an on-going basis. These “Nutrition Notes” can be sent to employees via emails, newsletters or desk drops.

Executive Consulting

Nutritional Solutions is able to provide private consultation to top executives with our executive health program. Consultations will be set up to complete necessary assessments, nutrition education and individualised meal plan and menu provision. Monitoring consultations can be done in person, via Skype or email, to suit the executive’s busy schedule.

Interactive Nutrition Presentations

Evidence-based nutrition presentations can be presented in group sessions. These presentations are adjusted to meet the company’s specific requirements with a strong focus on an hands-on interactive experience. The information is presented in an engaging manner to optimise participation and learning.

8-12 Week Nutrition Intervention Program

The Nutritional Solutions’ highly successful 8-12 Week Nutrition Intervention Programs consists of a comprehensive initial nutrition education session; Provision of practical meal plans, recipes and shopping lists needed to implement healthy eating patterns and weekly monitoring sessions to provide motivation and support to employees. These sessions provide further nutrition education presentations and practical workshops to facilitate behaviour change.