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Ready to stop struggling with PCOS? Take control of your condition with a unique program that fits your requirements into an evidence-based proven framework supported by expert coaching.

Does any of this ring true?

  • ​Are you tired of feeling confused and not knowing what to believe any more about PCOS, is the non-specific information overload leaving you drained?
  • ​Do you feel like no one actually believes you when you tell them you are trying but nothing is changing, is PCOS your Boss?​
  • ​So over to being told you need to lose weight, even though that is what you are trying so desperately to achieve, and you literally just keep getting stuck.

Well you’re in the right place!

I am here to help you change all that, because I have also been there. As a registered dietitian who has PCOS herself and has helped countless women improve their PCOS. I want you to be able to have a road-map that changes how PCOS effects your life. You deserve to really understand your condition and feel your best. PCOS, simply does not go away, but you can learn to understand your condition better and get clarity on how to improve your health and feel so much better and start loving your body again.Knowledge is power & without knowledge PCOS is your Boss, let’s change that.

Understanding PCOS will help you to navigate YOUR way to making healthy happen for YOU. If you are ready to have a personalized PCOS program that takes your biochemical values, food preferences & lifestyle into account then this is for you. This unique offering combines YOUR individual needs, evidence-based nutrition education, group support & 1:1 sessions with a registered dietitian, who has PCOS herself & 16 years of clinical practice successfully treating woman with PCOS.

How would it feel to benefit from my many years of experience treating PCOS & finally…

  • ​Have a roadmap designed for YOU that eliminates all feelings of overwhelm?
  • ​Stops you wasting time desperately scrolling social media to find advice to fix your PCOS.
  • ​Start truly understanding YOUR condition & taking strategic steps that will change your health

Why is this program different ?

Claire Julsing Strydom is a registered dietitian & co-founder of Nutrition Solutions, one of the largest dietetics’ practices in South Africa. She has a Master of Science Degree in Dietetics & 16 years of clinical practice experience, with a special interest in treating women with PCOS. She is a past president of the Association for Dietetics in South Africa is currently serving on the organizing committee for the International Confederation of Dietitians (ICD 2021) Conference in Cape Town in September 2021. She has presented masterclass programs for dietitians on the management of PCOS both locally & internationally. She is considered a key opinion leader in poly cystic ovarian syndrome & obesity medical nutrition therapy management. Claire was invited to join a multidisciplinary, obesity advisory board for Novo Nordisk in 2020 and was invited to join the True Health Initiative as a council member, being recognised for her contribution to cutting through the noise and educating the public on evidence-based nutrition pillars of lifestyle medicine. She is registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and is a member of the Association for Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA) and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in the USA.

How would it feel to benefit from my many years of experience treating PCOS & finally…

This complete step-by-step system takes the guesswork out of managing PCOS and gets rid of the one size fits all approach, instead we work with YOUR needs.


Stage 1 starts with your needs in mind & begins with a one-on-one individual assessment (nutrition, bloods & lifestyle) & a personalized PCOS BOSS plan.


The more you understand the easier PCOS gets. Stage 2 focuses on NUTRITION knowledge gain with supplement reviews & personal prescription recommendations based on your requirements.


PCOS is not just nutrition, stage 3 we work on the lifestyle factors impacting your health, stress & mood management, exercise & sleep optimization.

Here’s exactly what you get…

PCOS BOSS is an online program that merges expert one on one coaching with group support and evidence-based education and implementation strategies to help you become a PCOS Boss. Lets’ go!!

Module 1 – It’s all about YOU

“Initial Consultation”

  • 45 minute one on one session with Claire to discuss your unique requirements. We will make sure we focus on your needs.
  • You will complete a food frequency questionnaire, food diary, supplement & medication check list before this session.
  • ​Review your medications, supplements, sleep, exercise & stress management. You will receive a blood test sheet to complete blood tests based on your 1:1 assessment.

Module 2 – It’s all about YOU

“Meal Plan Magic”

  • After your initial consultation, Claire will calculate your nutrition prescription (meal plan); energy requirements, macronutrients, etc.
  • Your individual requirements are important, so allocations will be made accordingly. You are no longer on diet.
  • ​Once you receive your meal plan prescription, we will have a 1-hour group session to build in your unique food map with foods you enjoy. You will be shown how to swap out foods to make your meal plan work for you.

Module 3 – It’s all about YOU

“Meal Plan Magic”

  • This week we review what the blood values mean and how they impact your PCOS symptoms. This group session will be followed by a one-on-one call.
  • ​Understanding your results is key to navigating your health. We have a 15 minute one on one consultation to review your blood results.
  • ​We will review your supplements now that we have your blood results and make the necessary adjustments.

Module 4 – Making your Healthy Happen

“Supplement support for cysters”

  • You can’t supplement away a bad diet, but with PCOS using the correct nutrients to support your dietary intake has been shown to help with this condition. This week we focus on supplements such as inositol, vitamin D, magnesium, omega 3s, zinc, and more to see what your best options are and when to use what.
  • ​Understanding your results is key to navigating your health. We have a 15 minute one on one consultation to review your blood results.

Module 5-7 – Making your Healthy Happen

“If it’s about Nutrition ask your Dietitian”

  • I know how confusing the nutrition space has become, especially when you have a condition like PCOS, all you want is to feel better and manage your health more effectively but you literally have no idea where to start. We are going to go through the key evidence based nutrition principles to help you improve your PCOS.
  • ​Myth busters – let’s start on a clean slate & get you ready to soak up sound nutrition advice
    Understand your energy requirements
    Carbs – am I allowed to have them? – (YES you are )
    Utilising proteins to get best PCOS outcomes
    Fats – friend or foe
    Dealing with cravings & how to redirect your old patterns
    Upping the anti on anti-inflammatory
    Key nutrient rich foods & how they help
    How to avoid the portion distortion trap
    Read a label like a dietitian

Module 8 – Living a lifestyle that loves you back

“Stress & what to do about it”

  • Stress impacts PCOS significantly. This module will help you to understand how the two are linked.
  • ​What are stress triggers for you? It is important to identify what in your life is causing stress for you. What steps will you implement to handle stress better.
  • ​The PCOS mood roller coaster. Menstrual cycle impacts your hormones and has an impact on your mood & appetite (comfort eating). How can we manage this dynamic with new insights?

Module 9 – Living a lifestyle that loves you back

“Sleep quality & exercise, your PCOS superpower”

  • ​Good quality sleep and regular exercise can make such a big difference to your PCOS picture. In this module I will help you to implement better sleep strategies to optimise your sleep. We will also get you going on the exercise front. I will teach you the science you need to know to get the best outcomes for your PCOS using sleep and exercise as your new superpower.

Module 10 – Living a lifestyle that loves you back

“Time to reflect & celebrate our wins”

  • ​By week ten we will have a lot to celebrate and share our wins andBy week ten we will have a lot to celebrate and share in terms of our wins and discuss our knowledge gains and habit changes

What Claire’s Patients have to say..

“I signed up with Claire in January 2017, after hearing about her from a friend, as I needed help to lose weight (I was 30 kg overweight) and start a sustainable healthy eating programme. Up until that point I felt overwhelmed by all the advice and theories and diets out there, and was in a pattern of starting a restrictive diet every Monday morning and self-loathing by Wednesday each week as I couldn’t sustain it.

Claire was the one voice I chose, she made the overwhelming task manageable and, with her qualifications and experience, gave me the confidence to trust the process and myself. The unique meal plan and advice tailored to my unique needs as a preferences is key. The relationship was one of honesty and I so appreciate all the advice and individual focus of the programme she created for me.” – CATHY MUNRO

    All the educational modules

​    One on one coaching sessions

​    Weekly group coaching

​    Group support structure

    Individual meal plan structure

​    Weekly group coaching

    Blood results interpretation one on one

​    Supplementation review & prescription

  3 Educational videos and recipe packs

   Exchange lists to swap various foods within your structured meal plan – done as a build your meal plan group session.