Nutritional Solutions provides high quality content for companies and media houses looking to share nutrition information with the public. The dietitians at Nutritional Solutions consult to the media on a regular basis. They pride themselves on providing accurate and scientific nutrition information that is based on sound academic research. The media sectors we contribute to are varied but include: radio, television, medical journals, website portals, newspapers and magazines.

Our dietitians have been on various television and radio programs. These include: 3Talk with Noeleen, Radio 702, Kyk Net, ETV New Channel, Classic FM, Look & Feel Good Expo 2011, Shape Magazine Workshop & SABC1’s Education show “Geleza Nati”.

We also contribute regularly to various print publications, namely: Shape, Men’s Health, Longevity, Woman and Home, Medical Chronicle, Specialist Forum, Diabetes Focus, Cosmopolitan, Real Magazine, True Love Magazine, The Star, Business Day, Crush – online magazine and Clicks Online.



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Nutritional Bites

Garlic and other potent smelling root vegetables such as leeks and onions contain diallyl sulphide which promotes heart health and boosts the immune system

Dietitian Approved Recipes

Mint & Feta Watermelon Salad

Try this quick & Easy Summer Salad

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“At Longevity we rely on accurate and expert advice, information and tips to give to our readers. Claire and Jade, from Nutritional Solutions, often provide me with the latest and most interesting nutritional facts and snippets. Their advice is very much in-line with what we at Longevity believe in, which is sound advice and a well balanced-eating plan which can be easily added into your lifestyle. I know that when I need quality, well-researched information that I can get this from the dietitians’ at Nutritional Solutions.” Candice Tehini, Longevity Magazine – Features & Beauty Editor

“When it comes to researching accurate and compelling information for the magazine, I rely on the support of the highly-skilled dietitians at Nutritional Solutions. They really know how to take the science of nutrition and healthy weight loss and turn it into easy-to-understand practical information. They’re also constantly ‘on the ball’ when it comes to the latest diet trends. I often work with Claire Julsing Strydom (who is on our advisory board of experts) and Jade Campbell as they always have tons of great ideas and advice and are all-around fantastic to work with.” Sara Mould, Junior Features and Online Writer Shape Magazine SA