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One-on-One Consultations

A one-on-one detailed nutritional assessment, education & guidance with a dietitian.

Looking for a personalised dietary assessment, meal plan, and nutrition education with a registered dietitian? Our dietitians are available both in person and virtually.

Initial consultation:

This is a 1 hour consultation. It includes a nutritional assessment with a detailed examination of the individual’s lifestyle and eating habits, measurement of weight, height, body mass index and waist circumference, medical history and family medical history. This will be followed by an individualised nutrition education that assists individuals to understand the following key concepts of nutrition.

Second consultation:

This consultation is 20 minutes long and will be scheduled 2 – 3 days after the initial consultation. The dietitian will develop an individualised eating plan, 7 day cycle menu, dietary guidelines, appropriate recipes and shopping lists that will be presented to the individual at this consultation. The meal plans are specially designed to take into account individual lifestyle and dietary requirements so that the plan is both manageable.

Follow-up / monitoring consultations:

These consultations are recommended to help improve the implementation of the lifestyle and dietary changes recommended by the dietitian. During these consultations, individuals will be weighed and food records will be evaluated and discussed, and new goals will be set. Research has found that follow-up appointments are essential to keep individuals motivated. Furthermore, follow-up monitoring and support assists individuals in finding solutions to barriers of compliance that ultimately contributes to greater success. The frequency of follow-up appointments is scheduled to suit the client’s preference. The duration of all follow-up appointments is 20 minutes.

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Cathy Rich Munro

Joining up with Nutritional Solutions I was able to put my trust in a professional voice about how to be healthier and lost 30kgs of weight in just over a year.

Dalene Parker

Danksy Nutritional Solutions se ondersteuning, bystand en die goeie eetgewoontes wat ek geleer het, het ek 14kg verloor, dis nie ‘n diet nie, dis ‘n goeie leefstyl.

Reesha Chibba

I am grateful beyond measure to have re-discovered the art of eating and eating well. I continue to think about food differently every single day.

Bongiwe Ncube

I attribute my success to the support and encouragement of Nutritional Solutions, we all need a cheerleader in our corner.