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Happy Healthy Holidays!

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Happy Healthy Holidays!

And just like that, 2017 is drawing to a close. Can you believe it? As all of our clients and readers head off on

the December holiday break we wish you a happy and blessed time with loved ones. We encourage you to enjoy the well deserved rest that this holiday period brings and to cherish the special time shared with family and friends. Your holiday should not revolve around eating – as much as there is pleasure in a Mince Pie or slice of Christmas Cake, it is not the main purpose of the holiday. Try out these tips below to help you out over the holidays:

  • Don’t catastrophise things – no one ever becomes unhealthy from eating one treat.
  • If you overindulge, don’t panic. Dust yourself off and get back on track with the very next meal.
  • Focus on family, rest and making memories over this holiday period. Take the emphasis off the food.
  • Stay active everyday – it doesn’t have to be the gym. You can go for a walk on the beach; play bat and ball or do whatever gets you up and going. Make a concerted effort to move for an hour a day over the break.
  • Pay attention to portion – keep your portions controlled to help you enjoy all foods in balanced amounts.

From all of us at Nutritional Solutions we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We look forward to working with you in 2018!



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