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The Best of the Bunnies (and eggs!) & Other Helpful Eating tips for Easter and Pesach

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The Best of the Bunnies (and eggs!) & Other Helpful Eating tips for Easter and Pesach


During the celebrations of Easter and Pesach we can easily eat too much of the food on offer. The following tips will assist you in making healthy choices while still enjoying all the festivities.

  • Beat the boredom eating and ensure a healthy eating environment at home

We all appreciate this time of relaxation with friends and family as well as partaking in religious activities. However with too much time on hand, we can easily fall into the trap of mindless snacking- especially if plenty Hot Cross buns, Easter eggs and Matzo tempt us with their ease of visibility and availability. Our advice? Plan your days and keep occupied. Make healthy choices during tea time at church as well as during Brocha at Schul. While enjoying healthy snacks at home, enjoy the “treats” (Easter Eggs/ Hot Cross buns/ cake / biscuits) in the context of social events such as Parties, coffee shops, picnics and braais.

  • Shop like a Pro!

Practice good shopping by replacing the usual treats such as sweets chocolates and chips normally bought over this period with healthier snacks such as fresh fruit slices, fruit bars, dried fruit, assorted nuts, low fat Rice chips, popcorn and lean biltong sticks.

  • Make good choices when socializingBraai

Try to make healthy choices when eating out with friends and family. The table below gives you an idea of what to plan for a healthy Braai as well as which Fast Food choices are best for a quick, convenient meal.

Usual braai Healthy braai
  Fat g Energy kJ   Fat g Energy kJ
Lamb chops 150g 34 1924 Chicken kebabs  150g 8 1139
Boerewors  100g 36 1624 Corn on the cob 100g 3 495
Garlic bread 50g 5 855 Three bean salad 80g 5 416
Potato bake 150 g 15 1557 Carrot salad   80g 136
Beetroot salad  80g 174
TOTAL 90 g 5960 kJ TOTAL 16 g 2360

Save yourself 11 slices of bread!

Usual Fast food Healthy Fast food
  Fat g Energy kJ   Fat g Energy kJ
Beef burger & chips     Asian meal
Burger patty 100 g 18 1108 Chicken strips 150g 15 1169
Roll 40g 400 ½ Portion rice 100 g 531
Deep fried chips 200g 30 2552 X 2 Portion veggies 200g 9 715
TOTAL 48g 4060 kJ TOTAL 24 g 2415 kJ

Save yourself 5 slices of bread!

  •  Limit the amount of MatzoMatzos

Matzo is a much less satisfying than bread and we therefore can easily eat too much – especially when enjoying Matzo with spreads such as butter and avo. Whether rye, whole wheat or Gluten free all types of Matzo have a high GI value that can play havoc with our blood sugar levels and increase appetite, when eaten in large quantities.

Breakfast – include fresh fruit as well as a protein e.g. eggs, low fat cottage cheese or low fat yoghurt – this enables you to enjoy a smaller portion of Matzo. An example is 1 cup cubed paw paw, 3 Matzo crackers served with low fat cottage cheese and sliced tomato.

Lunch – enjoy a large salad with protein and replace the Matzo with 3 baby potatoes (boiled in skin) or quinoa – e.g. Tuna quinoa salad or Chicken potato salad

  • Pesach – First and second night – Portion Control

These meals are characterized by many courses. The best strategy is to cut down on the amount of food served at each course e.g. ½ an egg, soup without the Kneidlach, choose only one type of fish or one type of protein for the main course (e.g. chicken or beef) and then choose the one dessert you like best out of all the choices offered.

To leave you with a laugh…get into the holiday spirit by trying some Yoga moves “a la bunny”…perhaps bunnies do do it best?

Bunny Yoga

Wishing you a blessed and safe holiday period with loved ones – from all of us at Nutritional Solutions.


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